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21 Jun 2021

The Advanced Script Coach Series: Creating Powerful Characters


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1 day from 21 June, 2021

19:00 – 21:30 BST



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In this session top LA scriptwriter Jurgen Wolff will share with you the screenwriting tools you can use to take your writing to the next level by creating powerful characters.

This course is part of The Advanced Script Coach Series.

About this class: Creating Powerful Characters

Story is about the relationship between the different characters.

  • How to work backward from the story’s central conflict to build strong characters
  • How to deduce the character’s beliefs and use that knowledge to make them truly three-dimensional (and to get more material to use in Act II)
  • Three types of character arcs and when you don’t need one
  • How to use symbolic settings, props, and actions to flesh out your characters

Who Should Attend

Participants include storytellers in all medium, and creative industry personnel. You don’t need to have had a background in writing to benefit from this course. All you need is the desire to learn how to maximise your creative potential in this informative, intense and entertaining evening.

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