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17 Jun 2021

SAE Extra: Idea to iPlayer - Making a Documentary


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1 day from 17 June, 2021

18:00 – 19:00 BST




SAE Institute UK


SAE welcomes BBC Producer Billy Hill to present his experience of getting his recent documentary 'Dale Barclay: All On Black’ commissioned by BBC Scotland/ iPlayer. This was a three year process and Billy will take you through his experience on how to turn your great idea into a commissioned programme.

The event will explain:

- How to approach the subject for your project by making contact with the contributors you want to speak to.

- The importance of producing a short teaser and a one page paper pitch that will explain your project visually and in writing to take to production companies and broadcasters.

- Getting used to your idea getting rejected as part of the process.

- The usefulness of writing a full treatment for your project which is a short story style summary of the whole documentary.

- Development and the commissioning process.

- Archive acquisition and negotiating fees with UK and foreign broadcasters, music rights and contributor release forms.

- Post-production offline and online editing.

- The final sign off and getting ready for broadcast to promote your film.

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