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21 Jun 2021

Film Directing Workshop


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5 days from 21 June, 2021

18:00 – 20:00 BST


EUR €42-48




An Intensive Workshop provides students with a thorough introduction to the foundations of film directing craft, exploring main aspects of Film Directing:

  • Script Analysis.
  • Film Grammar.
  • Cinematography
  • Directing Actors
  • Shooting plannings

Course outline

Session 1

Script analysis

Storytelling foundations: Drama,Conflict, Subject and Genre.

The 3 Acts Structure:Inciting Incident. Plot Points. Climax and endings.

Scene fundamentals: Beats and Structure.

Characters: Biography and Backstory.

Session 2

Film grammar I

Staging and blocking fundamentals.

The Shot: Shot size. Angles. Types and uses.

Camera movements: Pans. Tilts. Dolly. Tracking.

Session 3

Film grammar II

Shot and reverse shot Technique.

Masters shot technique.

Continuity rules: The 180º Rule.The 30º Rule.

Session 4

Composition Rules: Rule ofThirds. Diagonals. Horizons.

Headroom and noise room.

Shooting plannings

The shooting plan.

The Shotlist.Story boards. Floor plan

Session 5

Directing actors

The 1st reading: Zone Zero.

Blocking: Movements. Obstacles.Adjustments

Rehearsal Techniques: Images. Physical activity. Verbs of Action

Directing actors in Set.

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