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Elvin Acting Bristol, United Kingdom

Elvin Acting is accessible to all and will offer classes and workshops to all ages and abilities. Many will be set up by request and you will need to contact me in order to tailor lessons to your needs.

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Faye Elvin is the founder of Elvin Acting which is born from a belief that professional quality performing arts tuition should be available to all.  

"When I moved back from London, I found it really difficult to 

find classes for professional actors and performers to keep 

their skills alive. In my opinion it's really important to keep 

refreshing your training and experiencing new techniques 

and ways of performing. With this in mind, I decided to 

provide the facility I craved to ensure that, whatever your 

level of experience, you can always progress. London is filled with 

opportunity, so now it's time to bring some here."

Based in Bath, we can offer up to date, professional advice and tuition for actors in Bath, Bristol and the South West. Focusing on enhancing what you already have, we treat each student as an individual. All tutors are professional actors and currently active in the industry.

Whether you are auditioning for drama school, a professional looking to keep their skills ticking over, taking an acting exam or just looking for a bit more confidence when delivering that presentation at work or school, we can help!

Watch this space for E.A.T, Elvin Actings professional theatre company.

With a lifetime's experience on the stage and "in the industry" there is wealth of knowledge on offer, if we don't know....we know someone who does.

Tel: 07854527105