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About Cahootify

What is Cahootify?

Cahootify is an online project portfolio and team-forming platform for film, media and entertainment professionals. We exist to help you make projects happen.

In return for someone joining your project Cahootify allows you to offer whatever you wish - be that cash, profit-share points, expenses, “love and learning” or chocolate.

We’re working hard to make Cahootify incredibly simple to use, whilst also giving you the power that you need.

Who is Cahootify for?

Cahootify is for people who are committed, engaged and up for making stuff happen. People who know what it takes to build a career in the industry, are prepared to get on with it, and are seeking others to work with who match their commitment and professionalism.

People like you.

What does Cahootify do?

At it’s core, Cahootify can be used for three things:

  1. To create a project portfolio. Tell people who you are and show them a prime selection of projects you’ve worked on. Credit people that you enjoyed working with - this helps them along, of course, but it also helps you along - people are more likely to get in touch if they know someone that knows you.
  2. To form teams / crew your productions. Post a project that’s in progress and the roles you still require to make that project happen. Also show who’s already on the team because people enrol people.
  3. To seek opportunities. Look for roles on other people’s projects - paid or collaborative.

What Does Cahootify Cost?

Everything described above is free and always will be*.

We have premium features planned for which we may start charging a modest subscription at some point.

Our Future Plans

The premium features we have planned include giving you the ability to:

  1. Organise and categorise your list of saved profiles.
  2. Share a project with paid-up members only (and therefore also be able to view such projects).
  3. Limit who can see a project to particular individuals or categories of people from your list.
  4. Create a hub of selected associates who can communicate and share projects privately with each other.
  5. Share the management of a company profile.
  6. Share the management of a project in progress through light touch communal discussion and simple task assignment.
  7. Take advantage of a contractual framework that looks after things like profit-share points between team members.
  8. Crowdfund your projects (maybe).

* We may introduce a limit on portfolio size at some point but we'll always "grandfather in" existing members - so if it's free for you now it will remain free.