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About Cahootify

What is Cahootify?

Cahootify is a software platform with the mission to empower and further the careers of independent producers, filmmakers and actors. Think of it as a cross between LinkedIn and IMDb.

What does Cahootify do?

Cahootify acts as your professional industry calling card with tools to help you create an impressive online portfolio - complete with showreel, gallery showcase and biography. More cost-effective than a website, insanely easy to manage, great-looking and FREE. (We'll be offering deeper paid services in time but we'll never charge you for anything you're already using - a good reason to get in now!) Once you have a personal profile, you can also create and "represent" a brand or company profile.

One of the niftiest things about your profile on Cahootify is that if you've worked on a project that someone else has already added, you can simply join it; then you can still tailor your version in any way you wish. Maximum efficiency combined with complete individuality - pretty good, huh? (It works especially well if you get together with a others with whom you've worked on multiple projects.)

Cahootify also allows you to advertise or express interest in requirements for upcoming projects - whether for cast or crew, paid or unpaid. And we have a complement of industry-specific tools still to come like scheduling, casting call management and project group discussion.

What Does Cahootify Cost?

Everything currently available is free and always will be. (We may introduce a limit on portfolio size at some point but we'll always "grandfather in" existing members - so if it's free for you now it will remain free.)

Our plan is to eventually charge a modest subscription for premium features around scheduling, casting call management, project group discussion and priority access to opportunities.