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Clay Sandford Weston-super-Mare/Bristol, United Kingdom

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Currently studying the third year of a Film and Media Arts Production degree at UCW, I am a lifelong follower of film with a creative interest and passion for cinematography and directing.

The way that images in film are framed and composed in such a way that they complement the mood and emotional impact of the story being told fascinates me and I am constantly looking for new and interesting ways to expand my creative knowledge of such techniques.

Aside from my keen interest in directing and cinematography I have written numerous screenplays with Celtx, six of which I have made into short films outside of my university studies since 2006. During these personal productions, I have taken on the roles of writer, director, camera operator, editor and sound designer and mixer.

I have experience editing digital film with both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac computers. I also have experience editing digital film with CyberLink Power Director and audio with NCH WavePad on Windows based computers.


In Your Shadow Teaser (Prologue / Teaser, 2019)

A photographer develops his latest provocative creation, sparking a questioning visitation from the personification of the subject from his photo.

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